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Apple Family Tree (Bountiful, Golden Harvey & James Grieve)

Apple Family Tree (Bountiful, Golden Harvey & James Grieve)

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Our family trees are a clever way of growing more fruit in a small place as they have three varieties of apple grafted on one tree!  

We have selected three varieties that will work together in terms of pollination and vigour to achieve a lovely balanced shape and to fill the fruit bowl.

Bountiful - Delicious cooking apple originating from Kent.Raised in 1964 at East Malling Research Station. It is resistant to apple mildew. When cooked, Bountiful has a delicious flavour. A solid cooker.

Golden Harvey - A very old Russet apple, traced back to the 1600's.  Very popular dessert apple in Victorian England.  Flavour is intense, sweet and tangy.  The apples are very juicy and ideal for pressing into juice.

James Grieve -

Raised by James Grieve in Edinburgh, Scotland and introduced by his employers, Dickson’s nurserymen. Fruits have sweet, delicious, juicy flesh with a good refreshing flavour.  A good apple to store but the fruits will become softer as they are stored.


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