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Beauty of Bath Half-Standard

Beauty of Bath Half-Standard

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Introduced in Somerset c 1864, by Mr George Samuel Bradley at Elton Manor in Nottingham Cooling of Bath. The origin of this variety was at  Bailbrook, Batheaston near Bath. Pale yellow with red flush and stripes and numerous red dots. Medium sized, regular round flat apples – for eating “off the tree”.  Fruits are soft, juicy, sweet and a little acidic with a distinctive flavour.  They are very sweetly aromatic with a delicious fruity scent.  Beauty of Bath is a hardy, naturally vigorous variety that is spur bearing.  It is a triploid variety, so will require two additional pollination partners of compatible group in order to fruit.

Type – Eater

Pick – August

Store – August

Group – A(1)   Triploid, self-sterile

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