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Blenheim Orange Apple - Bush (Dwarf) M7

Blenheim Orange Apple - Bush (Dwarf) M7

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Blenheim Orange is said to be one of the loveliest apples of them all.  It was first discovered in 1740 near Blenheim in Oxfordshire and was known locally as "Kempster's Pippin".  In 1804 the 4th Duke granted permission for it to be renamed "Blenheim Orange".  A dual purpose apple, which keeps its shape when cooked and the flesh will not discolour when cut.  The fruits have a rich, distinctive, sweet flavour with a little nuttiness.  Fabulous with cheese and delicious enjoyed fresh from the tree.  The apples if kept on the tree will become richer in flavour as they mature.  A hardy variety, that is naturally fairly vigorous and a reliable and abundant cropper.  Partially tip bearing so not suited to trained forms.  A triploid variety so will require two compatible pollination partners in order to fruit.

Type – Dual

Pick – October

Store – February

Group – C(3)   Triploid, Self=sterile

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