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Egremont Russet Apple - Full Standard (M25)

Egremont Russet Apple - Full Standard (M25)

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The origins of Egremont Russet are a little uncertain but it is believed to have been raised in Petworth (Sussex) at Petworth House the ancestral home of the Earls of Egremont.  Records dating back to 1872 mention Egremont Russet.

Egremont is arguably the best town of all russets with its' iconic "furry" skin, thick and mossy green/brown in colour.  When fully ripened the flesh is crisp and fairly juicy, with a rich, distinctive and nutty flavour.  The trees are hardy and scab resistant and will tolerate being grown in wetter/colder parts of the country.  The flowers are frost resistant.

Egremont is self fertile making it a good option for when space is limited and there is only room to plant a single tree. 

Type – Eater

Pick – October

Store – December

Group – B  Self-fertile

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